2023 Racing Season

Scores to date

StFYC: Spring Fest | 4/22-23, 6 races, City Front

SFYC: J105/Knarr | 5/20-21, 6 races *10 boats required to be invited

SYC: Classic Boat #1 | 6/10, 3 races, Knox

StFYC: Woodies | 6/23-25, 6 races, City Front, End of Qualifiers

SYC: Classic Boat #2 | 8/26-27, 6 races, Knox

CYC: Folkboat Internationals | 9/24-29

StFYC: Fall Invitational | 10/14-15, 6 races, City Front

42+- races available. All races run count towards the season championship.

1 throw out for each of 5 races completed for the season championship.


Wednesday Evening Series

May 3 through August 30, no races in July

2022 Season Champions

Season Championship

1st place   USA 111  Tom Reed

2nd place   USA 113   Peter Jeal

3rd place   USA 121   James Vernon

Wednesday Night Series

1st place  USA 122  Eric Kaiser

2nd Place  USA 111 Tom Reed

3rd Place  USA 121  James Vernon

Excerpt from Latitude 38

Folkboat Season, 2022

This year marked the 80th anniversary of the launch of the first Folkboat in Gothenberg. Having arrived from Denmark in 1953, the legendary Bay Area sailor Knud Wilbroe encouraged others to import boats and three years later the SF Bay Folkboat Association began the legendary Wednesday Evening Series (now hosted by the StFYC). The fleet held its first season championship in 1958.

The 2022 season showed that this remarkable fleet continues to thrive in the Bay. Due to some cancellations our 64th season championship consisted of slightly fewer than our usual 30-35 races. It was just as well because Tom Reed in 111, along with his crew Tommy Jr and Dave Kresge, totally dominated proceedings. Remarkably, this was Tom’s 10th season championship (and we are leaving aside those he won in the Knarrs). He was lightning fast all year and only the light winds in October slowed him down and saw him finish outside the podium places.

Peter Jeal in 113, sailing with Susan Parker and John Graham, kept the pressure on 111 and finished a comfortable second. James Vernon in 121 took third place. Racing in the middle of the fleet was close to, with the highlight of the season were bullets by Tom Haverstock in 125 and our last Woodie Mark Slichter in 57.

The Wednesday Evening Series was just as competitive. As is now customary it went down to the final race with Eric Kaiser, Kurt Hemmingsen and Andy Hale in 122 just holding off Tom Reed. James Vernon, Kate Andersen and Mike Scott in 121 took third. Sadly, 122 is now up for sale as Eric Kaiser, who grew up in the fleet, and crew go to race Knarrs. Come join the fleet just in time to qualify for next year’s International Regatta when you can race against the best crews from Europe.